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    Make your own Windmill

    • The working windmill generator has a wind turbine that helps in the extraction of energy from wind.

    • This model of wind mill generator gives an idea of how the wind mill works.

    • Designed strictly as per scientific principles, this project is assured to provide true knowledge.

    • This kit comes with instruction presented in fun to read booklet, its sure to inspire kids.

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    1. Place 4 foam pieces on the bottom of wooden board in 4 comers. This is to rest the board. Fix the foam pieces using fevi-quick Or sinellar adhesive.

    2. Fix wooden batten using screws in the holes green on the board. The batten has a hole on one side. This side is kept up. Take the pulley with a handle. Insert a large sized bolt in it. Lock it with a nut from other side.

    3. Pass this bolt in the hole of the batten. Insert a washer in the bolt. Pass it from batten and then insert a nut from other side. Lock it with a little gap. Insert one more nut and tighten it. Rotate the handle. Pulley should rotate freely. Try it several times. Pulley should not be jammed.

    4. Insert 4 spokes in the 4 serial holes around the batten. The spokes will tightly fit into the holes. Rotate them till they are property fixed. Insert plastic sleeves in the 4 spokes. Pass the upper tips of these spokes front a plastic pate given in the kit.

    5. On to of each of the spokes, insert small plastic caps. Place a motor on top of the plastic plate. Motor shaft with small black pulley projects outside the plastic plate. Locking strip is passed through 2 holes on 2 sides of the motor and then locked. Locking strip holds motor firmly. Pass a rubber band around big Pulley and small pulley of the motor.

    6. As you rotate the big pulley. the small pulley takes several turns. Place a fan on the shaft of the motor. Connecting LEDs to the motor. Take out wires from backside of the motor. There are 2 contact points on back of the motor. Take out 2 wires from these contact points. Temporarily connect 1 LED to these wires. If you rotate big pulley in ANTI-CLOCKWISE. The LED should glow. You may change LED terminals and try it again.

    Insert 4 or 5 LEDs in foam strip with their long terminals (+ve) coming on one side and negative terminals coming on other side. Using steel wire from the kit join all Positive terminals and using another steel wire, join all negative terminals. Don't let these steel wires touch each other.

    7. If you rotate the handle anti-clockwise, all LEDs will glow. Insert two straws in the two holes of the board. On other ends of straws, fix foam strip as shown above. Paste road print in between two straws. You have formed a horizontal structure of lights over the road. Rotate the handle to glow all LEDs. You may also try one more trick. Remove rubber band from small pulley on the shaft of motor. Blow air on the fan. Fan will spin and LEDs will glow. You may hold the model before table fan for great performance!

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Learning Needs Physics
    Gift Idea School Awards
    Purpose Science Model Building


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