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    Mini Science Kit - Copper Coating

    What You Do:

    • Stir copper sulfate into some hot water in a beaker until no more will dissolve. Your solution should be dark blue. Let it cool.

    • Make a stand with base, legs and handle. Fix them with quick glue.

    • Use one alligator clip to attach the coil of copper wire to the positive terminal of the battery (this is now the anode) and the other to attach the nail to the negative terminal (now called the cathode).

    • Partially suspend the nail in the solution by wrapping the wire lead loosely around the handle of the base. The alligator clip should not touch the solution.

    • Place the copper coil into the solution, making sure it doesn't touch the key and the solution level is below the alligator clip. An electrical circuit has now formed and current is flowing.

    • Leave the circuit running for 15 minutes, or until you are happy with the amount of copper on the nail.

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    What You Need:

    • 9 Volt batteries with battery clip with alligator clip leads
    • Small Plastic Cup
    • Small plastic vial of Copper sulfate
    • Coil of copper wire
    • Iron Nail
    • Small rectangular base, two small legs and one handle
    • Safety Gloves

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Learning Needs Chemistry
    Gift Idea Chemistry Fun
    Purpose Learn Science


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