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    Electricity From Lemon

    • Easy to do science fair project.

    • The box contains all the items and instructions to generate electricity from lemon, salt water or vinegar.

    • Even younger kids can understand what electricity is and how to make it from kitchen items.

    • This kit contains an interesting instruction sheet and comes in a sturdy box.

    • An ideal gift idea for a developing brain.

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    1.Take 5 lemons roll them on a table,pushing on them with your hand.This breaks up some tissues in them

    2.push 2 metal strips(copper and zinc) in each of them.

    3.connect copper strips of one lemon to zinc strip of the next using wires.

    This is series formation.Connect wire from copper plates of the first lemon to the long terminal of LED(Light emitting Diode),i.e,anode.

    Also connect wire from zinc strip of the last lemon to short terminal of LED,i.e,Cathode.

    Additional Info

    Additional Info

    Learning Needs General Science
    Gift Idea School Awards
    Purpose Science Model Building


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